Burley, Jon Bryan

About the editor: Jon Bryan Burley received his PhD in landscape Architecture from the University of Michigan. He is currently Assistant Professor at Michigan State University, and a private consultant in Campus Planning and Design, Commercial Development, Housing Development, Residential Design, Reclamation, and Statistical Consulting. He has published extenseively in these fields.

Environmental Design for Reclaiming Surface Mines
2001 0-7734-7478-1
This book describes in detail procedures to employ surface mining operations to create usable land after the mining operations cease. Planning and design experts from the USA, Canada, Australia, and Greece, specialists in reclaiming surface mine landscapes, describe principles to reclaim land for specific uses. Case studies and examples from across the globe illustrate these principles. This book will interest professional planners, engineers, landscape architects, land managers, and environmental scientists. With color illustrations.

Price: $299.95