El Edipo En Unamuno Y El Espejo De Lacan

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Certain facts in Unamuno’s biography and statements in his correspondence and autobiographical texts suggest a passage through the Oedipus phase that was not wholly successful. This study examines this data through the psychoanalytical approach developed by French analyst Jacques Lacan. In Spanish.


“…Fox deftly and cogently traces the parallels between Lacanian theories of language and subjectivity and the troubled development of Unamunian protagonists….Particularly strong is Fox’s sketching of how language is at the very centre of the problematic negotiation of subjectivity, agency, and the relation with the other in Niebla, and the examination of the theme of mirroring in El Otro….The acuity and sensitivity of Fox’s study of individual texts have great potential to open up Unamuno’s work to new and powerful readings in relation to psychoanalytic concerns…an important contribution to Unamuno Studies.” – Modern Language Review

". . . also demonstrates how structuralists in the field of linguistics as well as anthropology – Ferdinand de Saussure, Roman Jacobsen, Claude Levi-Strauss among others – fit into the framework of Lacan’s psychology, which to a great extent comprises a thorough rereading and reevaluation of many of Freud’s texts. . . . Dr. Fox has examined thoroughly the most important works of Unamuno and analyzed his characters masterfully within the framework of Lacan’s psychology and has opened new roads into Unamuno territory that will be invaluable to understanding Unamuno’s personality." Barry J. Luby

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings)
Prefacio; Introduccíon
1. Notas sobre el psicoanálisis lacaniano
2. Lo imaginario en Unamuno
3. La temática psicológica del Unamuno creador
4. Tres cases extremos: Augusto Pérez, la tía Tula y el otro
Conclusiones; Notas Bibliografía; Indice de nombres, obras, conceptos y asuntos

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