Discovery of the Banian Religion and the Religion of the Persees. A Critical Edition of Two Early English Works on Indian Religions Henry Lord’s a Display of Two Foreign Sects in the East Indies

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Published in 1630, Henry Lord's book was the first in English to be entirely devoted to discussion of Indian religions, and represents the first serious attempt to go beyond reports by travellers of the strange religious beliefs and practices that they had observed in India. Lord was a chaplain, rather than a missionary, and made a serious attempt to understand the religions rather than condemn them. The display was used as a source by later European writers on Indian religions, most notably François Bernier.
By identifying the relevant persons (mythological as well as historical), groups, texts and places, this critical edition does much to make Lord's work more accessible.


"Will Sweetman has done a real service to scholarship by the impressive learning he brings to this text; his Introduction is a fine contextualisation of the work and the subsequent annotation is very helpful. Through this work scholars will be able to have a clearer perspective of the history of the critical study of Indian religion and its development." – Dr. Julius Lipner

Table of Contents

Table of contents:

Foreword, Preface, Editor's Introduction, Chronological bibliography of editions

A Display of Two Foreign Sects in the East Indies

A Discovery of the Banian Religion

The Religion of the Persees

Glossary; Bibliography; Index

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