Decision Support Systems Research and Reference Disciplines (1970-2001) - A Research Guide to the Literature and an Unobtrusive Bibliography with Citation Frequency

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This is a research guide and bibliography with citation frequency on the decision support systems research area and its references disciplines. It contains only references that have been cited frequently by more than several thousand authors of decision support systems articles published in a set of carefully selected journals according to objective criteria set forth in a data chapter. Each item in the bibliography of the book contains the citation frequency representing its weight and degree of influence on the decision support systems research. Each item represents objective and unobtrusive judgment of all the authors of major articles published in more than 140 information systems journals during 1970-2001. It will be a useful research guide to the DSS literature.

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
Introduction; Ojectives
1. Introduction to Decision support systems
2. Assessing the Current State of Intellectual Relationships between the Decision Support Systems Area and Other Academic Disciplines
3. Data Research and Methodology
4. Decision Support System Bibliography
Bibliography; Appendix; Index

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