Author Co-Citation Analysis Using Custom Bibliographic Databases

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This book introduces an alternative approach to conducting author co-citation analysis (ACA) without relying on commercial citation databases such as index ISI citation index, based on custom bibliographic database and co-citation matrix generation systems specifically developed to use the custom database. This alternative approach has the capability to access to the non-primary authors of cited references. The inability to access non-primary authors is a critical shortcoming of ACA research utilizing the commercial databases. This book describes step-by-step ACA procedures for novice SAS users. It provides explicit instructions to build bibliographic databases, process them to compile co-citation matrix, prepare SAS input files, and interpret the results. It provides a useful, instructional guideline to conduct ACA research regardless of the bibliographic databases used – in-house databases or commercial citation databases.

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
1. Basic Concepts of Bibliometircs and Author Co-citation Analysis
2. Building the Bibliographic Databases
3. Overview of Author Co-citation Analysis Step
4. The Factor Procedure
5. The Cluster Procedure
6. Multidimensional Scaling
7. An ACA Study in an Information Systems Area : The Intellectual Structure of Decision Support Systems Research
References; Subject Index; Name Index
Bibliography; Appendix; Index

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