Bibliography, History, Pedagogy and Philosophy in Music and Percussion

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Section I contains more than a hundred brief essays headed with bibliographic entries, covering aspects of contemporary percussion music. Section II contains more than twenty essays on a broad selection of subjects having to do with music ranging from the symphony to the xylophone. Section III contains several essays of musical scholarship covering analysis, biography, education, history, pedagogy and performance. The biographical sketches are of a professional nature.

"The book traverses an expansive terrain of composers: some of the well known masters who happened to write for various percussion instruments, and others, writing as percussion performers themselves, who have made contributions to the solo literature. . . . there is an entire section devoted to women in the field. Geary Larrick deals at length with the literature on percussion music, and reviews, for instance, catalogues of instruments and the literature written for them. Monographs and methods, both historical and pedagogical, fall within the scope of his discussion, and he has reviewed many solo anthologies (some of which are for students), and collections of orchestral excerpts. . . . Even more diversity appears in his commentary on percussion instruments. Naturally the instruments of the orchestral percussion section are appropriate here, but the Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian instruments appear alongside oriental and biblical instruments. . . . concise and within the reach of every insider. It is even accessible to outsiders, where the world of percussion has remained, until now, incomprehensible. This book shows how vast and variegated that world is." – Richard Pinnell, Chair, Department of Musick University of Wisconsin- LaCrosse

Table of Contents

Table of contents:

List of Illustrations; foreword; Preface; Acknowledgments

Section I: Bibliographic Essays in Percussion

Abe, Keiko. Frogs, Michi for Marimba; Modern Japanese Marimba Pieces 2

Ameele, David L. Suite for Marimba

"Appendix II: Ensembles and Performers", Larrick, Geary

Basta, James. Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra

Beck, John. A Practical Approach to the Drum Set; Jazz Variants; Sonata for Timpani

"Bells", Larrick, Geary

Benson, Warren. Three Dances

Bergamo, John. Four Pieces for Timpani

Bethancourt, Jose; Collection for Marimba or Vibraharp

Blades, James and Montagu, Jeremy. Early Percussion Instruments

Blair, Dean: Abmiram

Bonanni, Filippo. Antique Musical Instruments and Their Players

Boone, Charles. Raspberries

Botsford, George. Black and White Rag

Bower, Harry A. The Harry A. Bower System

Breuer, Harry. Harry Breuer's Mallet Solo Collection

Britton, Mervin. Stylistic Solos for Timpani

Brown Thomas A. Celebrating Christmas with Percussion; Drum Fun; The Gift of Modupe

Brown, Tom. Alone ; "Samba Sonic"

Burton, Gary. "A Singing Song"; Four Mallet Studies

Cage, John. Amores

Cahn, William. Raga No. 1

Caneva, Ernest. Marimba Capers

Carmichael, Hoagy. Star Dust

Carter, Elliott. Eight Pieces for Four Timpani

Childs, Barney. Music for Bass Drum

Chopin, Frederic. Polonaise Militaire

Cirone, Anthony. "Study 32"

"Coconut Shells," edited by John H. Beck

"Coconut Shells," edited by Joseph Adato and George Judy

Colgrass, Michael. Inventions on a Motive

Cowell, Henry. Ostinato Pianissimo

Creston, Paul. Concertino for Marimba

Douglas, Wayne. Drums – The Belwin Band Builder

"The Drum" Blades, James

Durand, A. Chacone

Eyles, Randall. Raggedy Ragtime Rags; Xylophone Rags of George Hamilton Green

Floyd, John. Theme and Variations

Friedman, David "Dampening: Etude 46"

Gardner, Carle E. "Exercise 2"; The Gardner Modern Method for the Timpani

Goldenberg, Morris. Modern School for Snare Drum; Modern School for Xylphone, Marimba, Vibraphone

Gomez, Alice. Gitano; Rainbows

Goodman, Saul. Modern Method for Tympani

Green, George Hamilton. Xylophone Rags

Grimo, Steve. Cortege

Haerle, Dan "The Lydian-augmented Scale"

Hampton, Lionel. Edited by James Haskins. Hamp

Harr, Haskell. Drum Method; Intermediate Grade Marimba – Xylophone Solos

Hart, Mickey and Lieberman, Fredric. Planet Drum

Hill, Paul. Combo-Orks for Small Dance Bands, C-Books

Hinger, Fred D. The Timpani Player's Orchestral Repertoire

Hochrainer, Richard "Etude 33"

Holmgren, Mar.j Developing Four Mallet Technique

Hopkin, Bart. Musical Instrument Design

Houllif, Murray. Contemplation; Mallet Music; Tranquility

Isaac, Heinrich. Arranged by Norman Weinberg. La Mi La Sol

Janson, Thomas. Sidecar

Jarrett, Keith. Moonchild/In Your Quiet Place

Jenny, Jack. Ethos

Jolliff, Art. Music for Marimba, Vol. II and III

Keezer, Ron. Fantasy on a Raga

Krawus Phil. "Lesson VI" Modern Mallet Method

Kvistad, Richard. Concerto for Timpani

Larrick, Geary. Adagio with Accompaniment

Lepak, Alexander. Twenty-six Contemporary Snare Drum Duets

Ludwig, William F. "Standard Marching Taps and Street Beats"

Markovich, Mitch. "Back-Sticking"

Massenet, Jules. Aragonaise

McGuire, Kristen Shiner. Declaration, Song and Dance

Mcguire, Kristen Shiner and Houghton, Steven. Day of Percussion Handbook

McMillan, Thomas. "Lesson 10"

Meredith Music Publications Catalog

Miki, Minoru. "Time for Marimba"

Molenhof, Bill. Music of the Day

Moszkowsky. Bolero: Spanish Dance No. 5

Musser, Clair Omar. Etude in C Major; Etude, Opus 6, Number 8; Master Solo Arrangements; Prelude, Op. 11. No. 7

NACWPI Journal, XLVI/1

NDA Magazine, 8/3

Steve Weiss Music Catalog

Stevens, Leigh Howard. Method of Movement for Marimba

Stockhausen, Karlheinz. Nr. 9 Zyklus

Stout, Gordon. Two Mexican Dances

Tausch, Julius. Arranged by Percival R. Kirby. March and Polonaise

"Vibraphone." Peters, Gordon B. The Drummer: Man

Vincent, David. W. A Percussionist's Guide to Orchestral Excerpts

Whaley, Garwood. Musical Studies for the Intermediate Snare Drummer; "Technical Studies"

Whistler, Harvey S. "Etude de Ballet No. 1"

Wilcoxon, Charles S. "Rolling in Rhythm"

Section II: Essays on Music

A Brief History of the Symphony; A Review of Percussion in Wisconsin; Analyzing and Listening to Music; The Art and Craft of Publishing; Band Music and Style; Chopin for Marimba; Consequential Trivia in Music History; Environment, Sound and Wind Chimes; Ethnicity in Music; The Good, the Bad or the Indifferent; Hail, Toronto!; Keyboard Percussion Arrangements; Multicultural Music; The Multicultural Youth Concert; Multiculturalism in Contemporary Music; Music and Sociology; Music Composition for Percussion; Music for Persons with Disability; Music in Malaysia; Music in Space; Philosophy in Education; Postulates; The Snare Drum; The Timpani; The Xylophone

Section III: Scholarship in Music

American Drumming in the 19th Century; Ability, Analysis and Conducting; Analysis of Percussion; Becker – Lahara; Kettledrum Performance; Music and Education; Ethics, Copyright and Bibliography; 20th Century African-American Percussionists

20th Century Percussionists of Canada and Europe; 20th Century Women Percussionists

Conclusion, Bibliography, Index

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