Decade of Campus Language at Oberlin College

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This work examines the linguistic behavior of undergraduate students in an institution of higher education, and reflects both college students generally and Oberlin College students particularly. It will appeal to scholars who study slang, dialect, and the sociology of late 20th century collegiate life. The terms were contributed and defined by students themselves over a decade, with explanatory notes and an introductory essay.


“…Longsworth has compiled a dictionary that is both an important historical document and significant pedagogical tool, a self-contained case study that is a result of fieldwork conducted with his own students. As such, it is a rich resource for a primary research of a living language. It also provides a model for other college students to conduct similar studies of their own speech communities.” – Ann Dobyns, University of Denver

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword by Ann Dobyns
Dictionaries of Linguistic Localisms (1989-1999)
Bibliography; Index; Map of Oberlin College Campus

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