The Relative Clause in Old English: An Analysis of Syntactic and Stylistic Ambiguity

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This study of the Old English relative clause arises largely in response to Bruce Mitchell’s Old English Syntax, a work of enormous scope which appeared in 1985. Whereas Mitchell’s work covers the entire range of sentence structures in the language, my study focuses on a single type—the relative clause.


“Troup’s monograph is a valuable investigation, which manages at once to be entirely rigorous in its syntactic discussions, while offering productive insights into the nature of Old English poetic skill, and the historical development of grammatical forms.” – Prof. Thomas A. Shippey, Saint Louis University

“[T]his work is a giant step forward in the coverage of this topic, and shows how historical syntax can be done meticulously, thoughtfully and informatively. This work is a perfect addition to the library of those interested in the Old English language, historical syntax or historical stylistics.” – Prof. Paul A. Johnston, Jr., Western Michigan University

“The charts in the book, and his use of evidence both in terms the percentages of forms and in terms what is actually going on in the wider context of the literature the form appears in makes his research broad, deep, and nuanced.” – Prof. Charles W. MacQuarrie, California State University-Bakersfield

Table of Contents

List of Tables and Figures Acknowledgements
Foreword by T.A. Shippey
Chapter One: The Relative Pronoun
Chapter Two: Restrictive and Nonrestrictive Relativization
Chapter Three: Relativization and Apposition

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