Wilhelm Von Humboldt’s Philosophy of Language, Its Sources and Influence

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This study argues that Humboldt’s philosophy of language should be seen as a coherent system in which he envisages the interaction of thought, perception and imagination. It underlines the significance of Humboldt’s approach to his philosophical sources and his clarification and development of ideas embodied in those sources. The discussion brings into focus the thought of such eminent philosophers as Leibniz, Condillac, Herder, and Kant, who exercised a profound influence on Humboldt’s thought.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents (main headings):
1. Leibniz as a Source for Humboldt’s Ideas
2. The Influence of Condillac on Humboldt
3. Kant’s Influence on Humboldt’s Thought
4. Humboldt’s Relation to Herder Considered in the Light of Scholarly Debate
5. An Inquiry into Herder’s Theory of the Origin of Language and its Relation to Humboldt’s
6. Humboldt’s View of Thought, Language and ‘Weltansicht’
7. Humboldt’s View of the Relativity Principle and His Influence on Subsequent Thinkers (Whorf, Rossi-Landi, Chomsky)
Conclusion, Bibliography; Index

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