The Limits of Language: A Comparative Study of Kant, Wittgenstein, and Lao Tzu

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Prof. Shen utilizes ideas from the Tao, Kant, Wittgenstein and the transcendental to move beyond the a priori, a posteriori and the limits imposed by language. The contribution of this book cannot be stated in mere words.


“Venturing across various related disciplines -- comparative philosophy, ontology, logic, even theology – [the author] seeks those necessary conditions that make science and rational inquiry possible.”-Prof. John M. Thompson, Christopher Newport University

“…fulfills the otherwise impossible goal of meeting the needs of both professional philosophers and general public interested in philosophical issues. Moreover, [the author] is at home with both Chinese and Western philosophical traditions.-Prof. Yong Huang, Kutztown University

“This is an impressive work that challenges the reader to see relationships between the Taoist mystical tradition and some central conceptions in Western philosophy. I recommend it highly.”-Prof. Emer. David Clarke, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Table of Contents

Foreword by John M. Thompson



Chapter I Science and Trans-science
Section I: Experience and Fact
Section II: Laws and Measurements
Section III: Science and Trans-science

Chapter II Ontology and Theology
Section I: Ontology of God
Section II: Theology of God
Section III: The Multidimensions of Monolingua

Chapter III The Triptych
Section I: A Tale of Three Philosophers
Section II: The Tao of Taoism
Section III: A Trio of Panels

Chapter IV The Taoistic Panel: Nature
Section I: The Logic of Taoism
Section II: Multidimensions
Section III: The Inexpressible Tao
Section IV: The Tao as Nothingness, Formless and Unconditioned
Section V: Summary

Chapter V The Kant Panel: Reason
Section I: Kant's Treatment of Lao Tzu
Section II: The Companion Philosophies of Kant and Lao Tzu
Section III: Kant and Taoistic Logic
Section IV: The Boundary of Science
Section V: The Boundary of Metaphysics
Section VI: Conclusions for Self-Knowledge

Chapter VI The Wittgenstein Panel: Logic
Section I: Saying and Showing
Section II: Silence
Section III: The Metaphysical Subject and the Inexpressible Tao
Section IV: Kant and Taoistic Wittgenstein

Chapter VII One Tale of Four Philosophers
Section I: The Totality of the Hierarchies of Experience
Section II: Taoism as One Tale of Four Philosophers



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