Contribution of Jonathan Edwards to American Culture and Society. Essays on America’s Spiritual Founding Father

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This volume contains select papers delivered in October of 2003 at the First churches of Northampton, Massachusetts, in celebration of the tercentenary of the birth of Jonathan Edwards. The Northampton Tercentenary of 2003 is in continuity with the conference held in the same building in June of 1900 to mark the sesquicentenary of Edwards’ dismissal from the church, and the anticipated conference to be held in the same place to honor the quadricentenary of his birth in 2103.

Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction
The Historical Background to the Edwards Tercentenary – Richard A.S. Hall
Banquet Address: J. Edwards Conference – Huston Smith

Part II: Edwards as Social & Political Philosopher
Why is Jonathan Edwards America’s Spiritual Founding Father? – Herbert Richardson
The Mind of Jonathan Edwards – M. Darrol Bryant
“Our vast and ecumenical holding company”: Edwardsean Millennial Themes in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Dystopian Fiction – James Hewitson

Part III: Edwards as Interpreter of Nature
Edwards, Swedenborg, Emerson: From Typology to Correspondence – Devin P. Zuber
From Edwards to Emerson to Eddy: Extending a Trajectory of Metaphysical Idealism – David L. Weddle
Edwards—Thoreau—Dillard: Reading/Writing Nature and the Awakened/Awakening Self – Michael G. Ditmore

Part IV: Edwards & American Philosophy
Experience as Religious Discovery in Edwards & Peirce – Roger Ward
Jonathan Edwards as Proto-Pragmatist and John Dewey as Post-Theological Calvinist – Stuart Rosenbaum

Part V: Edwards in His Context
Bishop Butler and Jonathan Edwards – David White
Doing Metaethics with Kant and Edwards – Charles Don Keyes

Part VI: Edwards & Theology
Satan and the Maleficium in the Thought of Jonathan Edwards – Scott D. Seay
Jonathan Edwards’ Trinitarian Theology in the Context of the Early-Enlightenment Deist Controversy – Steve Studebaker

Part VII: Miscellaneous Themes in Edwards
Jonathan Edwards, Children, and Young People: Less of Earth and More of Heaven – Charles Pierce
Edwards’ Contribution to the Missionary Movement of Early Baptists – Michael D. Thompson
Edwards as Mystic – Richard A.S. Hall
“Heaven is a World of Love” – Ronald Story

Program of Commemorative Concert
Music Scores
Program of Conference
Bulletin of Jonathan Edwards’ Tercentenary Worship Service Gallery – Darren Pierce

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