Contrasting American and Belarusian Place Names: A Cognitive-Onomasiological Approach (with Special Interest in the Names of Swamps)

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This monograph on naming the geographical objects of Belarus and the United States by means of proper names is the result of a theoretical and comparative investigation of toponyms. The conception of cognitive-onomasiological study of the names of
microobjects is presented in the study. The conception is approved and verified on a rich empirical material (no less than 10,000 names for each region).


“By finding out general and specific features of toponym-making regularities in Slavonic and German languages we add to a problem of correlations between language and consciousness, draw the limits of man’s influence on the process of naming individual objects, point out the correlation of perceptual and rational features in cognizing” – Prof. Ihar L. Kapylou, The National Academy of Belarus

“. . . strengthens the traditions of toponymic research in Belarus. . . ” – Prof. Valiantsina P. Lemtsiugova, The National Academy of Belarus

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