Conflict, Holiness, and Politics in the Teachings of Jesus

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A study of the political dimension of the ministry of Jesus, presented as a corrective to the over-emphasis on eschatology in much New Testament scholarship.

". . . certainly one of the most constructive and original books about Jesus to have been written in recent years. . . . there is also a great deal of fresh and valuable detailed exegesis. . . . an illuminating perspective on Jesus in the social context of his day [and] an important contribution to an important ongoing debate." - ThemelĂ­os

". . . full of wise judgments and fresh insights. . . . The argument is crisp; the perspective is fresh and groundbreaking; the judgments are sound and serious. . . . an excellent study, of exceptional insight and coherence." - Biblical Theology Bulletin


"I have only scratched the surface of this rich and illuminating study from which I have learned much and will expect my students to learn as well." - Dan O. Via in the Journal of the American Academy of Religion ". . . an ambitious and provocative contribution to the quest for the historical Jesus." - Journal of Ecumenical Studies "a first-rate achievement" - Journal of Biblical Literature

"The contribution of [Borg's] work is the attention it gives to socially contextualizing the ministry of Jesus and interpreting it as a programmatic response to the dominant paradigm of Israel's corporate life." - The Catholic Biblical Quarterly "[a] convincing account . . . of the relation between the political and mystical dimensions of the renewal movement inaugurated by Jesus." - Journal of Theological Studies

". . . belongs to the forefront of recent study on the politics of Jesus. Remarkably free from religious bias, this superb historical analysis combines thorough familiarity with the scholarly literature and an unusually lucid expository style. . . . A must for research libraries, the book will have as primary audience seminary students, graduate students, and research specialists . . . ." - Choice

". . . will be helpful to theologians and religious educators who depend upon reliable interpretation of documents for their understanding of the earthly mission of Jesus." - Theological Studies ". . . should be on the shelves of New Testament scholar

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