Borg, Marcus J.

Conflict, Holiness, and Politics in the Teachings of Jesus
1984 0-88946-603-3
A study of the political dimension of the ministry of Jesus, presented as a corrective to the over-emphasis on eschatology in much New Testament scholarship. ". . . certainly one of the most constructive and original books about Jesus to have been written in recent years. . . . there is also a great deal of fresh and valuable detailed exegesis. . . . an illuminating perspective on Jesus in the social context of his day [and] an important contribution to an important ongoing debate." - ThemelĂ­os ". . . full of wise judgments and fresh insights. . . . The argument is crisp; the perspective is fresh and groundbreaking; the judgments are sound and serious. . . . an excellent study, of exceptional insight and coherence." - Biblical Theology Bulletin

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