Cinematic Art of Eliseo Subiela, Argentine Filmmaker

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This book presents a comprehensive evaluation of Argentine screenwriter-director Eliseo Subiela’s life’s work in cinema. Representing a wide range of theoretical approaches, seventeen film scholars from various academic institutions in the United States, England, and Argentina address every one of his films, current to 2006. In addition to the critical studies of Subiela’s films, the book also includes: an autobiographical meditation by Subiela on his own life’s work; an interview with actor Hugo Soto (now deceased) who played Subiela’s most famous creation, Rantés (Man Facing Southeast, 1986); a lengthy conversation with the director himself; and a global look at the director’s life and ideas, which is followed by a list of his international film prizes. This book contains 51 black and white photographs.


“This work endeavors to elucidate [Elisio Subiela’s] brilliance as a director and screenwriter, not only for scholars, but also for all those who are interested in Argentine cinema and culture.” – (from the Foreword) Professor Guy H. Wood, Oregon State University – Corvallis

“ ... These are all solidly theoretically grounded interpretive critiques that demonstrate admirably the complexity of Subiela’s and the many ways in which it strikes resonant chords with the demanding and discerning film public of Argentina.” – Professor David William Foster, Arizona State University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Guy H. Wood
Introduction 1. My Life’s Work - Eliseo Subiela
2. The Construction of the Transnational Film Auteur: Some Notes on the Cinema of Eliseo Subiela - Marvin D’Lugo
3. Music in the Films of Eliseo Subiela - Thomas Deveny
4. A Father’s Absence and the Demise of the Metanarrative in the Early Films of Eliseo Subiela - Currie Kerr Thompson
5. Charting Masculinity Through The Conquest of Paradise - Ksenija Bilbija
6. To Be and Not to Be: Presence/Absence of the Disappeared in Man Facing Southeast - Fernando Reati
7. My Dinner with Rantés: The Last Interview with Hugo Soto - Jorge Ruffinelli
8. Sémantica fantástica: Man Facing Southeast and Borges’s El sur - Jed Deppman
9. The Idea and Meaning of the Fantastic in Man Facing Southeast - Rudolf Guzmán
10. The Rhetoric of Image and Music in Last Images of the Shipwreck - Fernando Valerio-Holguín
11. The Desire for Literature. Proxy Auteurs in Last Images of the Shipwreck and Dark Side of the Heart - Geoffrey Kantaris
12. Poetic and Musical Re-enactment and Masculine Displacement: Dark Side of the Heart as a Film-Poem - Roberto Forns-Broggi
13. Eliseo Subiela and Oliverio Girondo: Praxis from the Margins - Olga Juzyn
14. Deepening into Dionysus: An Archetypal Journey from Puer to Ecstasy in Dark Side of the Heart - Cathleen Routree
15. The Argentine Don Juan: The Case of Dark Side of the Heart - Nancy J. Membrez
16. Moving Images: Technology and the Affective in Don’t Die Without Telling Me Where You Are Going - Keith John Richards
17. Between Utopia and Reality: The Conquest of Paradise and Wake Up, Love - Héctor Fernández L’Hoeste
18. What Dreams May Come: Time and Nostalgia in Wake Up, Love - Liliana Judith Guzmán
19. The Postmodern Cinderella: The Reinscription of Fairytales in Little Miracles - Nancy J. Membrez
20. Who’s Dreaming (Us)? - Liliana Judith Guzmán
21. The Adventures of God: The Unconscious Anatomy and Its Discontents - Ksenija Bilbija
22. A Tango on the Bright Side: Dark Side of the Heart 2 - Liliana Judith Guzmán
23. Short, but Sweet: Notes on Eliseo Subiela’s Short Films - Nancy J. Membrez
24. Man on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown: The Evolution of Heartlift (2005) - Nancy J. Membrez
25. The Poet of Argentine Cinema: An Interview with Eliseo Subiela (Unabridged) - Cathleen Rountree (with Nancy J. Membrez)
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3

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