Eliseo Subiela, the Poet of Latin American Cinema: Essays, Interviews, and Photographs

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A provocative, insightful new collection of well-documented essays focusing on the poetic dimension of Eliseo Subiela’s films. This book provides a new model for film scholarship for Spanish and Latin American cinematography.


“Membrez’s excellent compendium is a successful assemblage of the splendid criticism that has been produced on Subiela’s work. These are all solidly theoretically grounded interpretive critiques that demonstrate admirably the complexity of Subiela’s work and the many ways in which it strikes resonant chords with the demanding and discerning film public of Argentia, and Buenos Aires in particular, that motivates the enormous range of cinematographic work in that country.”
Professor William Foster
Arizona State University

“There is very little sustained scholarly focus on Latin-American film auteurs and there needs to be. Membrez’s study can serve as a model of high-powered and sophisticated conceptual readings of one exemplary Latin-American film auteur.”
Professor Marvin D’Lugo,
Clark University

“Nancy Membrez is Eliseo Subiela’s fan ‘número uno’ in the United States. She has dedicated almost two decades to interviewing and researching Subiela, and is arguably this country’s most knowledgeable scholar on his personality and cinematography…This volume is a continuation of the passion that she and many others feel about the Argentine director.”
Professor Guy H. Wood,
Oregon State University

Table of Contents

David William Foster – Foreword
Nancy J. Membrez – Acknowledgements
Eliseo Subiela -Bueno Aires, Argentina
Today Film Director ‘X” Died Meditations on my Death
Keith John Richards- Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, La Paz, Boliva
An Archaic Supermodernity? Pre-modern Non-Space in Eliseo Subiela’s Vision of the River Plate City
Fernando Valerio-Holguín – Colorado State University
Children in Subiela’s Films
Sophie Dufays – Université Catholique de Louvain-La-Neuve Fonds National de Recherche Scientifique, Belgium
From Paradise to Shipwreck : An Analysis of Subiela’s Early Features (The Conquest of Paradise and Last Images of the Shipwreck)
Nancy Gates-Madsen – Luther College
Seeing is (Not) believing; Eliseo Subiela’s Dark Side of the Heart
Jill Gibian – Eastern Oregon University
Memory, Translation and Rebirth in the Films of Eliseo Subiela
Priscilla Hunter – Southern Oregon University
Red Ana and Driving Blind: The Hyperreal and Eliseo Subiela’s Search for the Present and Suprarealism in Wake Up Love
Fernando Valerio-Holguín – Colorado State University
The Poetics of Space in The Adventures of God, by Eliseo Subiela
Ana Arzamounian – University of Texas at San Antonio
Death and Rebirth in “El camion” [The Van], by Eliseo Subiela
Nancy J. Membrez – University of Texas at San Antonio
Epilogue: A Brief Memento Mori
William H. Castro – University of Illinois – Urbana
Life after Neoliberalism: Argentina, Globalization, and Cinema in Eliseo Subiela’s Dark Side of the Heart 2
SebastiãGuilherme Albano – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte Natal Brazil
Subiela Against the Narrative Empire
Liliana Guzmán – Universidad Nacional de San Luis, Argentina
Tangolift: Subiela and Borges
Thomas Deveny – McDaniel College
Music in the Films of Eliseo Subiela 2000-2013
Jorge Ruffinelli – Stanford University
Two Composers For Subiela” Interviews with Pedro Aznar and Osvaldo Montes
Valeria Garrote – Rutgers University
An Interview with Eliseo Subiela (2009)
Cathleen Rountree
Update: An Interview with Eliseo Subiela (2009)
Gallery of 40 Photographs with Captions

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