Christian Mission and Religious Dialogue

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Provides a balanced discussion representing different denominations, nationalities, church positions, and viewpoints on how to deal with the truth claims of other religions. Essays written in response to Jozef Cardinal Tomko's address, "Missionary Challenges to the Theology of Salvation."


"This book's important contribution is that it focuses on the issue of missions, the intentionally Christian acts of service and proclamation to those of other faiths. . . . The essays evince a searching and caring concern for the integrity of the church universal. . . . The book's authors continue to till the fertile soil of missions and mission theology in a religiously plural world, and suggest the manifold potential of the harvest to come." - Missiology

. . . exciting. . . The spectrum of opinion is wide, even if none of the authors is willing to reject mission or dialogue completely. If readers are familiar with the theological literature on the church's mission and the uniqueness of Christ, they may find most interesting the responses written by priests and ministers working in areas formerly designated as mission countries." -- Journal of Ecumenical Studies

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