Mojzes, Paul

Attitudes of Religions and Ideologies Toward the Outsider: the Other
1990 0-88946-270-4
Includes essays on the attitudes of Jewish, Orthodox Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and Yoruba religions towards non-members, and essays on "Types of Encounter Between Religions," "What is Dialogue?" "The Religions of Others in ISKON's Eyes," and "Marxism and the Religious Question."

Price: $179.95

Christian Mission and Religious Dialogue
1991 0-88946-520-7
Provides a balanced discussion representing different denominations, nationalities, church positions, and viewpoints on how to deal with the truth claims of other religions. Essays written in response to Jozef Cardinal Tomko's address, "Missionary Challenges to the Theology of Salvation."

Price: $199.95