Chinese Perspectives on Sino-american Relations 1950-2000

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The essays in this volume address the fundamental question concerning the causes of the many episodes of crisis and conflict in US-China relations over the last 55 years. It also probes the conditions that have made cooperation possible. As China emerges as a new power in the international system and as the US debates its leadership of that system, it is fundamental to understand the important bilateral relationship between the two countries. These essays provide a uniquely Chinese perspective on those relations.


“In this thoughtful, informative, balanced, and well-written book, Chinese scholars provide a comprehensive analysis of US-China historical, political, and economic relations, paying special attention to how the American media have influenced interactions between the two countries. This general overview is extremely useful, largely because it puts contemporary issues in a broader and more meaningful context. . . . The book’s accessibility, the wide range of topics covered, and the wealth of information on US-China relations should make it useful to students and individuals. American policymakers would also benefit from many of Professor Davis’s insightful and pragmatic policy recommendations. . . . a timely and useful book.” – Richard J. Payne

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface by David M. Lampton
Introduction (Elizabeth Van Wie Davis)
Historical Perspectives
The Fourth Choice in US Policy Toward China, 1944-1945 (Zeng Jinji)
A Chinese Perspective on Sino-American Relations in 1949-50 (Hu Lingque)
The China Hands (Gao Liqun)
Perspectives on War
US Role in the Chinese Civil War (Lu Lingyun)
The US Military Observers at Yenan (Zha Wei)
The Legacy of the Korean War (Wang Lei)
Political Perspectives
Reemergence of the Tibet Issue (Tian Ying)
Human Rights in China (Zhou Xia)
Human Rights in the United States (Kang Junwei)
Taiwan Relations Act (Zhou Bin)
Economic Perspectives
MFN in US Policy Toward China (Ye Lingyun)
Economic Interests in Sino-American Relations (Cai Fanglei)
US Trade Policy Toward China in the 1990s (Xie Fang)
Perspectives on the Media
The History of the US Media in Sino-American Relations (Guo Xunche)
American Public Opinion and the Media (Song Yan)
Diplomatic Visits and the Media (Zeng Jing)
Different Visions of the Post-Cold War Era (Yu Bo)
Overview of Sino-American Relations (Wu Zhi)
Sino-American Relations for the 21st Century (Zhu Ming)
Bibliography; Index

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