Davis, Elizabeth Van Wie

About the author: Dr. Elizabeth Van Wie Davis is currently the Fei Yi-Ming Professor of Comparative Politics at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center, Johns Hopkins University, SAIS in Nanjing, China. She has held appointments at Illinois State University, Mary Baldwin College and the University of Virginia, as well as a research position at the Burkett White Miller Center for Public Affairs. Her articles have appeared in numerous journals around the world, and she is the author of China and the Law of the Sea Convention: Follow the Sea (Mellen, 1995)

China and the Law of the Sea Convention Follow the Sea
1995 0-7734-9059-0
This study introduces principles and practices of ocean law by discussing particular issues of major concern for less developed states. It maps the development of these issues and how they have influenced the ocean policies of the states in East Asia, especially China. It examines the major nonliving resource in the area, oil, because geological surveys predict enormous offshore oil deposits. In an attempt to extend their boundaries to include as much of the rich seabed as possible, the East Asian states are involved in disputes over boundary methods, island claims, and exploration rights. It also examines management and development of the living resources, as food supplies are depleted by rapidly growing populations and marine pollution. It looks at the concerns of effective national security, involving freedom of navigation and movement. The final chapter concludes by reassessing underlying assumptions in international ocean policy and Chinese ocean policy, and the new focus on the oceans that centered on the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention.

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Chinese Perspectives on Sino-american Relations 1950-2000
2000 0-7734-7807-8
The essays in this volume address the fundamental question concerning the causes of the many episodes of crisis and conflict in US-China relations over the last 55 years. It also probes the conditions that have made cooperation possible. As China emerges as a new power in the international system and as the US debates its leadership of that system, it is fundamental to understand the important bilateral relationship between the two countries. These essays provide a uniquely Chinese perspective on those relations.

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