Childhood in the Third Reich World War II and Its Aftermath

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“With cinematic elegance, Kaye Abikhaled allows us into the world of a six year old in Germany in WWII. . . . This epic freeverse saga has both personal and public significance. The anecdotal style allows us to see through the eyes of a witness of the times – to see war by its effects upon civilians, and to see the results after war – with a success story worthy of the best American classics. Kaye has woven intricate portraits of people and times long gone, but remembered cinematically and accurately. . . . Yet this is more than a war story – the humanity of her descriptions empowers us to trust that even in the worst of times, some salvation occurs.” – Thom Woodruff (Thom the World Poet_

“Her work is interesting as a historical document. Her experiences are moving and beautifully expressed. Her style is vivacious yet timeless.” – Lisa Kahn

About the poet: Kaye Voigt Abikhaled, born in Berlin, Germany, immigrated to the US in June 1960, attended college at night and worked during the day. The family spent five years on the Middle East. Her poetry has been published in state, national, and international poetry journals.

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