Political Life of a German Journalist, 1911-1948. A Personal Account

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This work is an English translation of an intrepid political journalist’s fascinating account of modern German cultural history.


“William Rey’s international reputation as a literary and cultural critic of modern German thought here reaches its unsurpassed pinnacle. . . . [His] eighteen chapters are in themselves sequential dramas of high suspense and intensity, presenting the scholarly as well as the pleasurable reader with extremely vivid portraits of cultural-historical events spanning the years between Hitler’s rise to power, the Second World War in Eastern Europe, and ending with Germany’s collapse in 1945.” – G .H. Hertling, Professor Emeritus of Germanics, University of Washington

Table of Contents

Foreword by G.H. Hertling
1 Childhood in Frankfurt
2 Paradise Won and Lost
3 Of Pretzel Vendors and Prostitutes
4 Between Marx and Hitler
5 My Fight Against Hitler – A Lost Cause
6 My Career from Pimp to Journalist
7 With the Frankfurter Zeitung Against the Gestapo
8 As Foreign Correspondent in Prague and Kaunas
9 Adventures in the Balkans
10 Odessa: Flight from my Conscience
11 As a War Correspondent in Russia
12 On the Road to Stalingrad
13 Escape from the Third Reich
14 Hell in Istanbul
15 Idyll in Beirut
16 Our Baby, Born in Cairo
17 The Tragicomedy of Re-education
18 Arrival in New York
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