Brookwood Labor College and the Struggle for Peace and Social Justice in America

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This is the only single volume history on Brookwood's contributions to peace and social reform in early twentieth-century America. It is based on extensive use of the Brookwood Labor College Papers and numerous other primary source collections. The college was led by America's most famous 20th-century pacifist, Abraham J. Muste. It trained not only capable labor organizers but also established the progressive organization, conference for Progressive Labor Action. The college's workers' education program stressed industrial justice and world peace as the key to a better society.


"The book is based on thorough study in the relevant primary and secondary sources. It is not only good scholarship but sound history and a good narrative. . . . incorporates the internal and organizational tensions experienced by such leaders as A.J. Muste and Tucker P. Smith without losing its focus on the Brookwood experiment itself. As much as Howlett appreciates, and perhaps even identifies with the Brookwood vision, he assesses its experience critically." - Charles Chatfield, in Scholarly Research and Review

"Readers alarmed by the current drive to repeal the New Deal will benefit by reading Brookwood Labor College and the Struggle for Peace and Social Justice in America. Conceivably, Charles F. Howlett's cogent history of Brookwood's eloquent mavericks will stimulate present-day nonconformists to fashion a more attainable way to eliminate war and poverty." - Peace Change

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