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Drawing upon a wide array of primary and secondary sources, this study explores the efforts of peace activists and organizations in their efforts to remake American society. More than an examination of the antiwar movement in United States history, the work is an extensive survey of the struggle for peace and justice. This book contains twenty-six black and white photographs.


“This book is not so much about dreamers as it is about doers, those people who put their lives and careers on the line in efforts to eliminate violence and intolerance in areas from international politics to domestic concerns. . . . It is in the spirit of love of humanity that [the authors] carry on the work of preserving peace and justice history while making that history themselves.” – Harriet Hyman Alonso, Professor of History, City College of New York and Graduate Center

“Throughout, the authors highlight the “pioneers of peace”- both men and women – whose vision, conscience, courage, and dramatic action have transformed America and the world. By including topics that are usually ignored in peace history surveys, the authors break new ground. For instance, they examine Native American contributions to peacemaking, connections between the peace and labor movements, antiwar songs, legal cases involving the draft, and cyberactivism.” – Dr. Scott H. Bennett, president, Peace History Society; Associate Professor, Department of History, Georgian Court University

"This extensive and impressive volume is more than a history of various peace movements, it also integrates the broad scope of peace activism into the wider story of social reform and politics throughout the history of United States. While many people are aware of the ways in which wars have shaped the course of this country, fewer people, including historians, are aware of the deeply-rooted influences of the peace movement and the ways in which the fight against war and for social justice have had as profound an impact on American society. Howlett and Lieberman ably demonstrate that throughout U.S. history, the success of reform movements for the human and civil rights of all people have depended on the work of peace activists. The authors employ recent historiographical concepts in crafting this volume, integrating theories on the roles of women, class, race, and groups of historical actors not always considered important to the shaping of American society, with the fight for peace and social justice. As such they have a broad definition of peace, but a definition to which they carefully adhere throughout the volume."- Wendy E. Chmielewski, PhD. Curator, Swarthmore College Peace Collection Past President, Peace History Society

Table of Contents

Foreword by Harriet Hyman Alonso
The Original Inhabitants, Religious Pacifism, and the Call for Independence
The Peace Reform in Antebellum America
Peace Seekers Encounter the Industrial Age
Approaches to Peacemaking and Confronting War at Home
Internationalism and Peace Reformers in Action
World War, Cold War and Direct Action
The Bomb, Civil Disobedience, and the War in Vietnam
The Peace Movement since Vietnam
End Notes
Addendum: The Discipline of Peace History
Bibliographic Essay

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