British Quaker Theology Since 1895

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Examines the nature and development of the major changes within British Quaker thought since 1895, a period which has been neglected in scholarly literature.


"In this important and highly relevant study, Dr. Davie documents the loss of confidence within British Quakerism concerning its distinctive ideas. He shows not only how many modern Quakers felt the pressure of 'modern thought forms', but also how they were willing to accommodate their thinking in response - even when that led to the deliberate and systematic loss of Quaker identity. Dr. Davie's book is an important study in its own right, and must take its place as one of the most seminal works dealing with modern Quakerism. . . . Rarely have we seen such a powerful account of the inevitable results of the liberal trends which dominated theology until recently. Dr. Davie's important book is both a milestone in Quaker scholarship and a challenge to those who champion the cause of cultural accommodations." - from the Preface by Alister McGrath, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.

". . . cuts a swath through more recent Quaker theological trends, exposing their degrees of radical divergence from his criteria. . . . challenges British Friends to reassess their ongoing diversity. . . . He is not alone in currently querying whether there is a healthy diversity or an enervating deviance amongst British Friends" - The Friend

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