QUAKERS AND QUAKERISM IN BOLTON, LANCASHIRE 1650-1995: The History of a Religious Community

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This book traces the theoretical origins of social movements in the United States
and Great Britain to a single Quaker meeting house.


From the Foreword
“This book by Peter Collins is a most welcome and timely addition to the local histories of British Quakerism.”
­-Prof. Ben Pink Dandelion, University of Birmingham

"This is a substantial piece of research making use of all kinds of Quaker records from the earliest time to the time of writing. They are helpfully listed in a lengthy bibliography of manuscript sources and printed materials. Peter Collins describes his work as a labour of love, and it must have ocuppied a great deal of his time. The result is extremely interesting as a much fuller local Quaker history than one usually finds." -Journal of the Friends Historical Society

Table of Contents

1. The First Bolton Friends 1650-1700
2. A Lively Quietism 1700-1760
3. A Blossoming at Edgworth 1760-1775
4. Finally a Preparative Meeting 1775-1795
5. Continuity and Change 1795-1851
6. Routine and Renewal 1851-1870
7. Education and Evangelicalism 1870-1895
8. Women Friends 1650-1918
9. Acting Locally, Thinking Globally 1895-1938
10. The Second World War and After 1938 -1995

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