Biomedical Ethics in Canada

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Attempts to set forth as accurate a picture as possible of the present state of biomedical ethics in Canada, along with recommendations as to how it can be improved. Also shows how far the goal is of expanding the field of biomedical ethics so as to provide major improvements in the quality of health care in Canada.


"This book is the product of extensive research . . . . reflects accurately the overall picture of biomedical ethics in Canada. . . . The survey includes all schools and faculties of medicine, nursing, dentistry, and health administration, and those departments of philosophy, religious studies and theology known to be offering courses in this area, [and] major health professional associations, voluntary health care organizations, and biomedical ethics research centres. . . . provides an extensive bibliography of Canadian books and articles in biomedical ethics. . . . John Williams has done a valuable service for the Canadian academic and medical communities in writing this book. As an information source about what is and is not being accomplished in biomedical ethics in Canada, and about who is or is not doing it, it is well worth the read. The information he provides will be helpful both to those who have been working in this area for a while, and who must make policy decisions regarding the direction in which to go in developing educational and research programmes, as well as for those who are just developing an interest here and are wondering what is going on in the field." _ Dialogue

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