Bibliography of the Myth of Don Juan in Literary History

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This bibliography provides a wide range of references under three principal headings: 1.) Versions; 2.) Critical Studies (books and articles); 3.) Translations. It pays particular attention to the significant authors in the field: Tirso de Molina, Sorrilla, Molière, Mozart, Byron, Shaw, etc. It takes account of all the latest artistic and critical works in the fields. It limits itself strictly to the different versions of the Don Juan myth (i.e., there are no entries on other seducers such as Casanova or Lovelace). The bibliography also provides a list of translations from around the Western world.


"Losada's bibliography differs significantly from that of Armand Singer. . . . Losada includes translations and major editions. In addition, critical studies were omitted from Singer's 1993 edition but comprise 1,708 of Losada's 2,884 entries. The entries are divided by language into English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, with an appendix on the Slavonic languages. The index cross-references all the criticism pertaining to major authors. . . Singer's inclusiveness has its rewards, but students focusing on major treatments of the myth will find more help in Losada." – Choice

". . . an impressive piece of scholarship that will be extremely useful to scholars of the Don Juan canon. . . . a goldmine of information. . ." ARBA, Vol. 30

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