Bakhtinian Theory in Japanese Studies

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Although Bakhtinian theory has influenced a great many fields, this book is the first study of its kind in Japanese Studies. The essays rigorously apply Bakhtin’s ideas to Japanese texts or to situations in Japan. This book will aid in bringing the central notions in Bakhtin’s work to the aid of scholars working in Japanese fields both inside and outside of Japan.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Introduction by James Fujii
1. Carnivalesque in Saikaku’s Oeuvre (Jeffrey Johnson)
2. Cultural Politics in Tokugawa Japan (H. D. Harootunian)
3. Discourse in the Japanese Novel: “Dialogic” Social Exchange in Natsume Sôseki’s Meian (Reiko Abe Auestad)
4. Beheaded Emperors and the Absent Figure in Contemporary Japanese Literature (John Whittier Treat)
5. The Dialogue of Styles and the Dance of Fiction in Abe Kôbô’s The Face of Another (Christopher Bolton)
6. Bakhtin’s Speech Genres in a Japanese Context: Business Transactional Telephone Calls (Lindsay Amthor Yotsukura)
7. Pre-Collegiate Teachers and the Kokusaika of Japanese Education: A Bakhtinian Analysis of Dialogic Overtones in Teachers’ Utterances (Atsuko Kosaka)

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