The Impact of Globalization on Japan’s Public Policy: How the Government is Reshaping Japan’s Role in the World

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This work provides insiders’ examinations of Japan’s public policy responses to globalization and illuminates the dichotomy between practices which asymmetrically benefit Japan and the rhetoric it employs to justify initiatives which may or may not contribute to global peace and prosperity.


“[The author], a distinguished Japanese political scientist, addresses not only a significant topic but has also assembled a group of notable contributors who provide fascinating insights into Japanese policy making.” – Prof. Bogdan Mieczkowski, Columbia University

“Contributions by former and current practitioners of –government policy add lively details to the discussions of some important policy issues.” - Yoichiro Sato

“[This work] will be of interest to Japanese specialists, especially but not exclusively in political science and economics . . . [and] to students, as the book will be an ideal text in classes on politics and policy in Japan.” - Prof. Bernard Bernier, Université de Montréal

"In any case, this book is a valuable addition to the analyses of Japanese public policy-making in the face of the growing tide of globalization." - Prof.Toshiyuki Nishikawa Surugadai University

Table of Contents

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Foreword by Bogdan Mieczkowski
1. Introduction – Hiroshi Itoh
2. Foreign Policy making: Reflections of a Former Ambassador – Yuji Kurokawa
3. Japan’s Policies toward Ukraine: Reflections of a Former Ambassador - Yuji Kurokawa
4. The Liberalized Immigration Policy – Nobutaka Shinomiya
5. Japan’s ODA and National Security – Naoto Yoshikawa
6. Japan’s whaling policy: Rejection of an international norm – Keiko Hirata
7. The Open Skies over Japan: Globalization of Civil Aviation – Hiroshi Itoh
8. Prime Minister Koizumi’s Legacy: the Reform of the Postal Services – Charles D. Lake II
9. From Outbound to Inbound: Japan’s International Travel and Tourism Promotion Policy Rationales, 1963-2003 – Lonny E. Carlile
10. National Security and Mass Media Freedom – Lawrence W. Beer
11. Female Imperial Succession?: Public Policy Alternatives – Itsuo Sonobe
12. Conclusions -Hiroshi Itoh
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