The Philosophy of Nishitani Keiji, 1900-1990: Lectures on Religion and Modernity

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Nishitani Keiji was an influential member of the 20th century Japanese philosophical scene known as the Kyoto School. His work fuses existentialism, notably that of Martin Heidegger, with Eastern influences such as Confucianism, various strands of Buddhist thinking, and even Christianity into a melting pot of original ideas. There are deep discussions of metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and philosophy of religion which showcase Keiji’s broad range of interests.


“These essays offer a significant and accessible account of Nishitani’s mature thought. To read them is to enter into a genuine dialogue with one of the twentieth century’s most significant thinkers. They both warn us of the dangers of modernity and offer a way forward that is capable of re-infusing our lives with meaning.”

-Prof. Robert E. Carter,
Trent University

“Augustine and Yamamoto have effectively captured his meandering tone and have made his ideas accessible without over simplifying his complex sentences. The book makes a valuable contribution to both the fields of philosophy and religious studies.”

-Prof. Lisa Grumbach,
Institute of Buddhist Studies

Table of Contents

Introduction by Morris and Jonathan Augustine
1. Religiosity in Japan
2. Religion and History
3. Religion and Human Rehabilitation
4. Education and Religion
5. Traditional Religious Mentalities in Japan
6. Nihilism and Religious Faith
7. Research in Mysticism

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