Bad Things You have Heard about Italian Americans are Wrong. Essays on Popular Prejudice

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An exorcism of the popular negative notion that Italian Americans notoriously engage in criminality and socially undesirable behavior. This collection of essays dispel this inaccurate prejudice of Italian Americans by bringing to light the positive ethnic experience of the Italian American community and its important contribution to the American cultural experience.


“Louis Gesualdi may offer us a small book of essays, but the collection is big on information, explanations, and ideas…If you want to learn more about the Italian-American experience or if you want to perhaps gain some insights into your own cultural roots, Gesualdi’s book is an excellent beginning. I enjoyed [it] very much.”
-Professor Thomas M. Kitts,
St. John’s University, NY

“…a remarkable work around the theme of racial distortion and bias, albeit regarding a racial group that is remarkable in terms of the religious, historical, political, socio-economic and cultural contribution it has made to the evolution of the USA.”
-Dr. Glen Reynolds,
University of Sunderland, UK

“Dr. Gesualdi has a long and distinguished record as a scholar in the area of the Italian Americans’ experience and this book is another important contribution to his creditable scholarship. He artfully interprets research studies and does this in an eloquent and often understated style… Gesualdi’s book is insightful, creative, well-developed, and makes a significant contribution to scholarship.”
-Professor Thomas John Ward,
St. John’s University, NY

“I agree with the author that it is imperative that individuals need to be familiar with their roots, culture, customs, trials, hardships and success to better understand who they are and where they come from. This will better enable them to develop into the people they are supposed to become.”
-Professor Almerinda Porte,
St. John’s University, NY

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Italians and Italian-Americans in the Movie Industry: The Good and Bad News
Chapter 2
A Comparison of the Attitudes and practices of the Irish American and Italian American Catholics
Chapter 3
The Arenese: An Italian Community in Stamford, Connecticut
Chapter 4
The Italian Immigrants of Connecticut before World War II
Chapter 5
Italian Americans and Organized Crime: A Brief Discussion

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