Ascetic Piety and Women's Faith: Essays on Late Ancient Christianity

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Winner of the Adèle Mellen Prize for Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship.
Treats women in the context of the early Christian world: ascetic renunciation and feminine advancement, female monasticism, and patristic exegesis of the story of Eve and Adam and the Song of Songs.


". . . a fine book, by a fine scholar . . . ; these studies are meticulous, probing, and thoughtful." - Patristics "Essential for classes covering late ancient Christianity." - Religious Studies Review

"Without doubt Prof. Clark's sympathies are with the feminine views of the matters in question, but her scholarly competence precludes all forms of petty partisanship." - J. den Boeft in Vigiliae Christianae - A Review of Early Christian Life and Language

". . . brings together some of the papers which, over the last decade, have made Elizabeth Clark an authority on patristic writing in its social context." - Journal of Roman Studies ". . . feminist but always well measured and grounded in a careful analysis of her sources. Her familiarity with patristic sources and hagiographic writings is impressive." - Mystics Quarterly

"The book belongs in any library collection on the period, as well as in women's studies collections that attend to history." - Critical Review of Books in Religion 1992

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