Disputatio Nova Contra Mulieres/a New Argument Against Women a Critical Translation From the Latin with Commentary, Together with the Original Latin Text of 1595

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A generally misogynistic contribution to the querelle des femmes, the Disputatio explores theological debates of long standing: do women have souls; If so, are their souls identical to those of men? If not, are women merely higher animals? Are they made in the image of God as men are? Will women be saved? The accompanying commentary examines these questions in relation to early modern feminism, Catholic/Protestant theological debate of the 16th century, relevant literary texts, and popular belief. The tract, probably written in eastern Germany, caused a stir out of proportion both to its size and to the cogency or originality of its arguments. The Vatican twice placed the Disputatio on the Index of Prohibited Books, first in 1651 and then again as late as 1714. This book offers the first complete English translation, together with a commentary which includes extracts from other treatises either written in direct response or addressing similar issues. It includes a translation of an essay on related themes published two and a half centuries later as an addendum to Anne Gabriel Meusnier de Querlon's French version of the tract. An Appendix includes the Latin text of the Disputatio, edited from a copy of the first edition collated with the only surviving manuscript. A full set of textual notes follows.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Foreword, Preface
1. Introduction: do women have souls? Opinions from the middle ages to the nineteenth century
2. The Disputatio nova: a history of its publication and reception
3. The Disputatio nova: first complete translation into English
4. The Disputatio nova: commentary, with identification of allusions and sources
5. Essai sur l'ame des femmes: translation into English of the anonymous essay of 1744
6. The Disputatio nova: Latin text, with bibliographical introduction and textual notes
Bibliography and Index

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