Clark, Elizabeth

Ascetic Piety and Women's Faith: Essays on Late Ancient Christianity
1986 0-88946-529-0
Winner of the Adèle Mellen Prize for Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship. Treats women in the context of the early Christian world: ascetic renunciation and feminine advancement, female monasticism, and patristic exegesis of the story of Eve and Adam and the Song of Songs.

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Clement's Use of Aristotle the Aristotelian Contribution to Clement of Alexandria's Refutation of Gnosticism
1977 0-88946-984-9

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Jerome, Chrysostom, and Friends Essays and Translations
1982 0-88946-548-7
Women figured large in the lives of the two celibates Jerome and John Chrysostom, and in this study Clark investigates friendship between the sexes in the early Church. Includes chapters on Chrysostom's attitude toward women; friendship between the sexes in pagan thought; and friendship between the sexes in early Christian theory and practice. Clark proposes that there was within patristic Christianity an elevation of status for celibate women, but not for married ones.

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Life of Melania the Younger
1984 0-88946-535-5
The translation of the Vita of a rich Roman matron who was famous throughout the Christian world for her renunciations and her dedication to Christ. This fascinating account reveals a woman who exerted a very strong influence on the development of ascetic ideals in the time of the early Church. Includes an extensive scholarly apparatus by Elizabeth Clark. An important source for studies of women during the late Empire.

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