Art of Narrative in the Holy Qur’?n: A Literary Appreciation of a Sacred Text

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This work attempts to recapture the fluid relationship between ethics and such institutions as faith, politics and literary art not seen, according to the author, since the time of Muhammad. By exploring the narrative that Muhammad employs in the Qur’?n , the author works to reestablish the relationship and prove that if today’s Arab-Muslims still deem Muhammad the ethico-political and religio-artistic model to emulate, as he has been in the past, it is because he relates art to life.


Professor Nouryeh eloquently and convincingly explains how Muhammad’s ethical construct in his artistic narrative is often misunderstood, many times with grave reactions and results. The ethical foundation resonates throughout the text, but even some Qur’?n scholars miss the point, such as in interpreting so-called abrogated texts.” - Dr. Hayat Alvi-Aziz

“I believe that the book’s scholarly value lies in its challenge to current scholarship on the Qur’?n by focusing on Muhammad as the “literary artist” who arranged and produced the text. Muslim critics might see such an approach as anathema to their belief that the literary genres of the Qur’?n can be well expressed by keeping the focus on its divine origin and inimitability. However, Dr. Nouryeh believes focusing on Muhammad is required in order to analyze and appreciate the values of such narratives in transforming the Arab-Muslim community today. With this in mind, the book can contribute positively to the studies of narratives and the literary content of the Qur’?n. - Yasir S. Ibrahim, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Montclair State University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Hayat Alvi-Aziz
1 Allah is no Artist
2 Qur’?n is no History
3 Muhammad’s States of Soul

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