An Orchestra Conductor’s Guide to Repertoire and Programming

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This book can be used as a guide for professional conductors, school directors, music libraries and reference libraries. The study details where to find recommendations for repertoire to program for various types of ensembles, and also to aid in programming. It also contains an annotated bibliography which critiques the numerous books available on orchestra repertoire, major music publishers, and lists sample programs from many orchestras around the United States.


“The purpose of this handbook is to provide conductors; professionals, educators, and students, with a unique source that aids in locating, purchasing, and renting orchestral music. It is also intended to be used as a guide in programming concerts. In addition, orchestral librarians, music libraries, reference libraries, orchestra associations, academic ensembles, public and private school music programs, and college courses in conducting and orchestra literature, will find this valuable bibliography, along with appendices which give several programming suggestions.” – Dr. Alfred Pinkston, Florida Memorial College

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
1. Programming Concepts, Philosophies, Advice, and Sources
2. General Sources for Locating Repertoire
3. Music Publishers and Distributors of Masterworks
4. Music Publishers and Distributors of “Pop” Music
5. Music Publishers and Distributors of Educational Music
Appendix A: Sample Masterwork concert and Seasons
Appendix B: Sample Pops Programs
Appendix C: Sample Youth Concert Programs
Appendix D: Sample Repertoire for Youth Education Concerts
Bibliography; Index

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