An Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna in English and American Literature

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This encyclopedia is to survey the fauna and flora of England and America not from the viewpoint of zoological or botanical science but of literature. Given the excessive broadness of the endeavor, this is done in a personally selective manner, with preferences toward English over American, and poetry over prose. Two sources in particular take pride of place -- the Authorized King James Version of the Bible, and Shakespeare.


"By emphasizing the two most important works of literature in western culture, the King James Bible and the works of Shakespeare, Milward establishes the primacy of such imagery in the literature of the culture. then by adding additional references of fauna and flora in other works, he shows the distribution of the images throughout literature in the language. . . . a student or scholar using Milward's work can easily tie other specific literary allusions. . ." - Eugene P. Wright

". . . an altogether charming collection of plant-literature references. . . a valuable reference to scholars of botany and of literature. . . . Milward treats the topics with an efficiency of words that approaches an almost outline form. . . . I consider this work important." - Don W. Smith

". . . his linguistic and literary analyses are perceptive and informative. . . . it should be useful in most libraries that support undergraduate English programs." -- American Reference Books Annual

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