Abortion. An Annotated Indexed Bibliography

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This is a compendium of most of the published articles and books that deal with the subject of abortion reflecting the nature, ethical problems, psychological problems, legal and religious issues and attitudes of the matter. The work explores the medical aspects of abortion in various countries and strategies employed by hospitals and medical professionals.


"Highly recommended for any person who desires a ready source of information on the subject of abortion." - Choice

Table of Contents

I. Bibliographies on Abortion

II. Ethical and Theological Aspects of Abortion (32 Headings)

III. Medical and Social Aspects of Abortion (125 Headings)

IV. Legal Aspects of Abortion (83 Headings)

V. Abortion Studies in the States

VI. Abortion Studies in Other Countries

VII. Collected Articles and Symposia Proceedings (31 Headings)

Other Bibliography Books