A History of the Nanticoke Indians, 1607-2000: Resistance, Accomodation, and Identity over Four Centuries

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"This book examines the Nanticoke Indians from their origins to the English invasion of the Chespeake to the building of a new community in Delaware that is now over two centuries old. My purpose is to depict the Nanticokes as people with complex lives and intentions of their own within the context of their own history and American history." -Jayme Sokolow (Preface)

Table of Contents

Prologue: Westward the Course of Empire
Part I: The Natural and Indigenous Worlds of the Chesapeake and Delmarva (13,000 BCE - 1607 CE)
Part II: The Chesapeake in Upheaval: The Nanticokes Besieged (1607 - 1698)
Part III: A Scattered People: The Nanticokes in a Hostile World (1698 - 1790)
Part IV: A New Home in Delaware: The Rebirth of the Nanticokes (1790 - 1903)
Part V: Achieving Equality (1904 - Present)
Epilogue: The Nanticokes from Savagery to Citizenship

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