Sokolow, Jayme A.

Jayme Sokolow is the founder and president of The Development Source, a Washington, D.C.-area development company. He obtained his Ph.D. in American History from New York University.

North American Phalanx (1843-1855). A Nineteenth-Century Utopian Community
2009 0-7734-4785-7
This is the first full-length study of the North American Phalanx, one of the most important utopian communities in antebellum America. Established in the fall of 1843 outside Freehold, New Jersey by American followers of the French philosopher Charles Fourier, it developed into a community that followed the tenets of American Fourierism more closely and successfully than any other communitar┬Čian experiment. This book contains seventeen black and white photographs.

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