A Century of Popular Culture in Japan

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Essays on topics from animation heroes, films, to unsuccessful politicians, and pay particular attention to issues of gender, commercialization, and nationalisms.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface by John Whittier Treat
Popular Culture in Japan: An Introduction (Douglas Slaymaker)
Pre-World War Two Concepts of Japanese Popular Culture and Takeda Rintaro’s ‘Japan’s Three Penny Opera’ (Richard Torrance
From Pathography to Pulp: Popular Expressions of Female Deviancy, 1930-1950 (Christine Marran)
From Enka to Anime: Popular Japanese Cinema, 1945-1990 (David Desser)
Comic Traveller: Tora-san and the Interweavings of Japanese Popular Culture (Linda C. Ehrlich)
Can Popular Culture go Global?: How Japanese ‘Scouts’ and ‘Rangers’ Fare in the US (Anne Allison)
Who in the World is Hasekura Tsunenaga? Presentation and Appropriation of Local Symbols in Provincial Japan (David M. Potter)
Kuwata Keisuke and the Postwar Japanese Popular Consciousness (Yasue Kuwahara)
Fictional Fantasy or Historical Fact? The Search for Japanese Identity in Miyazaki Hayao’s Mononokehime (Melek Ortabasi)

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