Water, Sewage, and Disease in Bangladesh: A Medical Anthropology

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Examines not only the ecological, but the cultural and political dimensions of water contamination in Bangladesh. This book contains eight color photographs.


“. . . [the author’s meticulous] understanding of the details of daily life keep this work grounded in the realities of those he is seeking to understand. This contributes to a reality-based comprehension of the health status of the people of Bangladesh. This model study will be an inspiration for future surveys of the roles of political, economic, and environmental factors national health and will provide important guidance for both foreign and local policy makers.” - Prof. Paul Durrenberger, Penn State University

“. . . addresses the unique problems faced by many developing countries trying to accommodate rapid changes followed by industrialization and environmental concerns. . . . One of the strengths of this study is that it addresses the issue of water contamination and health from a holistic (anthropological) perspective. It not only seeks the solution of contamination from the ecological point of view, but from cultural and political points as well.” -Prof. Zak Hossain, Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania

“. . . specifically helps illuminate what some have called the worst environmental catastrophe of the twentieth century—the widespread arsenic contamination of wells in Bangladesh . . .” - Prof. Cathy Hodge McCoid, University of Central Missouri

Table of Contents

Preface by Prof. Paul Durrenberger
1. Introduction
2. Ecological and Historical Setting
3. Ethnographic Background
4. Environment, Health and Social Factors
5. Methodology and Analysis
6. Results and Discussion
7. Conclusion and Policy Implications

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