Manson, Tony J

Tony J. Manson earned his Doctor of Philosophy degree from Kansas State University in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Teacher Education. He has worked as Associate Professor at Florida A&M University.

How to Teach Children at Risk of Educational Failure: Coping with Poverty, Bullying, Disease, Crime, and Ethnicity
2005 0-7734-6173-6
This book is a history of the treatment and consideration given in American education to students who are now classified as “at-risk”. The term is a relatively recent coinage, reflecting the newness of educators’ recognition that a measurable portion of students, beyond those with evident physical and mental handicaps, have special educational needs. Comprehending what educators mean by the terms “at-risk”, which has become more an acknowledgement of economic disadvantage and less a categorization of biological abnormalities, is essential to understanding the ways in which such children have been treated throughout the development of the educational system in the United States.

Historically, the concept of compulsory education for all as an individual right and a societal necessity developed while the United States grew and matured into an industrialized nation, The changing way in which educators have looked on the problems presented by “at-risk” children represents a striking model for their refinement in thinking about education as a whole.

This book’s contribution to education will be to identify those students who may be at-risk and arouse those who work with at-risk students. This book also makes an effort to introduce some new ideas as to how to work with at-risk students of all types. This will be a useful guide to educators, teacher educators and those involved in educating young people as well as a valuable reference text for libraries and other research venues.

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Implications for Teacher Education. Cross Ethnic and Cross Racial Dynamics of Instruction
2000 0-7734-7695-4

Price: $159.95

Preparation, Collaboration and Emphasis on the Family in School Counseling for the New Millennium
2000 0-7734-7847-7

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Teacher Education Preparation for Diversity
2002 0-7734-7186-3
Contributors to this text are professionals, practitioners and educators in the teaching profession. Chapters provide interdisciplinary viewpoints on issues and practices in teacher education, including working with diverse groups of students.

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Twenty Issues in Teaching African American Pupils
2006 0-7734-5685-6
This book examines the importance of organized instruction, the classroom environment, and various theories of how learning is accomplished. The research sets forth a rationale for organizing the structure of classroom instruction and discusses how that is linked to learning strategies and tactics, as well as how it facilitates solving instructional/learning problems that may arise in the elementary classroom.

Task analysis, as a model for organizing lessons, is results-oriented to the degree it obliges the instruction to concentrate on learning activities that are designed to facilitate acquiring skills and reaching learning objectives. Task analysis is useful in lesson planning because it forces the instructor to examine each objective.

The focus on skills goes to the issue of learning strategy and tactics. The six components of learning strategy are meta-cognition, analysis, planning, implementation of the plan, monitoring of progress, and modification.

An important way in which students are called upon to demonstrate their learning skills is by solving problems. There is a five-step general problem-solving model outlined in the book.

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2008 0-7734-4976-0
This work addresses the need to include in classroom management the strategies employed in teacher education programs. The studies contained in this volume are based on a changing awareness of, and attitude toward, at risk students and the best methods of maximizing their educational performance.

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What is Wrong with Academia Today? Essays on the Politicization of American Education
2008 0-7734-4974-4
This work explores the consequences of bureaucratization and corporatization for not only academe, but for education across all levels of American society. Includes essays chronicling the contest between faculty rights and those of other parties to govern a university.

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