Subject Area: Science & Math

Jabir ibn Hayyan & Elixir: An Examination of Early Arabic Chemistry of the Eighth and Ninth Century
 Al-Allaf, Mashhad
2023 1-4955-1095-6 212 pages
"Jabir crafted a veritable system not only for chemistry as an empirical science but also for the philosophy of science, metaphysics, and methodology. ...This book...relies on the original writings of Jabir including many of his manuscripts that are not published yet." -Mashhad Al-Allaf (Preface)

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 Hart, Cyril
2002 0-7734-6888-9 376 pages
This massive 3-volume work describes the origin, flowering and decline of one particular monastic school during the fifty years which followed the reception into England of the Benedictine reformation which had swept Northern Europe during the middle years of the tenth century. Ramsey was endowed and established in 964, with a magnificent library, school and scriptorium. It was backed by powerful patrons, and Byrhtferth, its schoolmaster, was entrusted to cultivate in England the new learning that had become the driving force of the Continental reform. Starting with Bede’s historical and scientific works, he resuscitated the national vernacular chronicles and assembled for the first time materials for both regional and national chronicles in Latin. He also produced a number of saints’ lives. Abbo of Fleury, the most renowned Continental scholar of his day, visited Ramsey from 985 to 987, bringing with him many computistical and scientific tracts and teaching in its school. Ramsey was also at the forefront of an artistic revival, introducing important new features into book illumination. This radical and intensive study of the School of Ramsey brings all this together for the first time, shedding fresh light on the intellectual climate in late Anglo-Saxon England, with special attention to its indebtedness to Continental scholarship. The first volume is concerned mainly with the new curriculum in monastic schools and Byrhtferth’s important historical works. The second volume (divided into two books) includes a wide-ranging survey of the development of mathematical, medical and scientific studies in England before the Norman Conquest. Many basic texts are edited and translated in a series of appendices, and illustrated by 100 line drawings. Each volume has its own introduction and extensive bibliography and is fully indexed.

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Promoting Science Literacy for Students with Disabilities
 Nkabinde, Zandile P.
2022 1-4955-0962-1 192 pages
From the Foreword, by Dr. Florence Kiragu Nyamu:
In Promoting Science Literacy for Students with Disabilities, Dr. Zandile Nkabinde explores the benefits and opportunities of science literacy for learners with exceptionalities. It is based on the recognition that students who are mild and high functioning are capable of learning science when accomodations and adaptations are made to ensure their success.

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Risk Regulations and Scientific Expertise in the United Kingdom: The Precautionary Principle in Public Policy
 Patterson, Alan
2008 0-7734-4804-7 288 pages
This book examines how governments deal with the problem of how science can achieve the objective of developing wealth-creating technologies, and at the same time solve the problems for people and the environment that such technologies cause, by evaluating the role of science in policymaking in Britain.

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The Original Texts of Islamic Philosophy From Al-Kindi to Muhammad Iqbal
 Al-Allaf, Mashhad
2021 1-4955-0892-7 724 pages
Dr. Mashbad Al-Allaf presents and interprets the ideas and philosophy of the major figures of Islamic philosophy, interpreted by Dr. Al-Allaf.

Price: $379.95