Subject Area: Research Methods

Public Affairs Research Methods. A Quantitative Introduction
 Bennett, Scott
1996 0-7734-8770-0 392 pages
This is one of the most comprehensive introductory texts ever written on quantitative research methods for the study of public affairs. It is relevant to research methods in traditional disciplines such as political science, political economy, public administration, public policy, government relations and international relations. The entire research process from conception to analysis and reporting is covered in detail.

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Quantitative Approach in Political Science an Introduction
 Bennett, Scott
1986 0-88946-205-4 376 pages
Provides students with a verbal description of the quantitative research process, with only limited and selective use of the formal symbolism of mathematics and statistics. Intended for use in year-long introductory courses in political-science quantitative research methods. Also relevant for courses in public administration, public policy, law, and international relations.

Price: $239.95

Why it is Impossible to Write a Biography of William Shakespeare: Multiple Names, Contradictory Sources, and Political Purposes
 Dureau, Yona
2018 1-4955-0636-3 260 pages
This book examines the scholarly research and investigations into the life of English Playwright William Shakespeare. Dr. Dureau sets to out show that writing an accurate and factual biography of Shakespeare is troubled by contradictory sources that use various names with varied political agendas. The book includes 21 color photos.

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