Subject Area: Mormon

Health, Wealth, and Social Life
 Heaton, Tim B.
2004 0-7734-6261-9 233 pages

Evaluating the Effects of Polygamy on Women and Children in Four North American Mormon Fundamentalist Groups: An Anthropological Study
 Bennion, Janet
2008 0-7734-4939-6 248 pages
Highlights many of the inherent problems of polygyny, but challenges the media-driven depiction of plural marriage as uniformly abusive and harmful to women, criticizing techniques used by state and federal governments used to raid entire communities as they did in the 1950s and in April of 2008. This book contains six black and white photographs and two color photographs.

Mormon and Asian American Model Minority Discourses in News and Popular Magazines
 Chen, Chiung Hwang
2004 0-7734-6375-5 305 pages
Manuscript situates news and popular magazines’ coverage of Asian Americans and Mormons within model minority discourse, explains the discourse’s problematic nature, and points out how the two discourses shape power relations between majorities and minorities in American society. The book employs critical discourse analysis, a powerful tool to uncover ideology within dominant discourses and challenge unequal power structures in society. By so doing, it aims to improve society for minority groups. The book also explores journalistic narrative. By following conventional narrative forms and shared cultural meanings, journalists often adopt established cultural norms and reinforce status quo ideologies. Chen’s goal is not simply to analyze the model minority discourse in news and popular magazines or merely to provide a critique of journalists’ conventional narrative forms. She also uses her analysis of journalistic discourse as a means of consciousness-raising—for both minority groups and journalists—and to further encourage alternative approaches to writing about minority groups.

Mormon Concept of God a Philosophical Analysis
 Beckwith, Francis J.
1991 0-7734-9787-0 147 pages
This book ventures into uncharted territory. The purpose is to show (1) that the Mormon concept of God differs radically from the classical concept of God, (2) that the Mormon concept of God contains many philosophical flaws, and (3) that the classical concept of God is more consistent with the Hebrew-Christian Scriptures than the Mormon view. The emphasis of this book is philosophical and will include detailed analyses of the following topics as they relate to the Mormon concept of God: (1) the impossibility of the infinite past of Mormon metaphysics, (2) the problems in applying the design argument to Mormon theism, (3) logical necessity and the Mormon God, and (4) the problem of a finite being (the Mormon God) progressing to a point of having infinite knowledge.

Mormonism in Conflict: The Nauvoo Years
 Hampshire, Annette P.
1985 0-88946-874-5 339 pages
Brings a social scientist's perspective to a replay of the series of events in and around Nauvoo after 1839.

Sociology of Mormon Kinship: The Place of Family Within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints
 Black, Kristeen Lee
2016 1-4955-0454-9
This sociological study of Mormon worldview and culture is a fresh and engaging ethnographic portrait of the contemporary lives of typical American Mormons. It accurately and comprehensively provides new insights on the ideology of family building within the varied Mormon communities of this once insular faith.