Mormonism in Conflict: The Nauvoo Years

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Brings a social scientist's perspective to a replay of the series of events in and around Nauvoo after 1839.


"Hampton is good at explaining the irreconcilable nature of the conflict between Mormons and anti-Mormons." - Illinois Historical Journal

". . . brings to light direct quotations from writers who witnessed the great events during the Mormon years in [Illinois]. Not only is the reader given the thunderous clashes between Mormon and anti-Mormon presses in Hancock County, but also reports from newspapers in Springfield, Quincy, and as far away as the Alton Telegraph. . . . outstanding in presenting the views of current observers, especially of Illinois newspapers." - Western Illinois Regional Studies

". . . a skillful study viewing conflicting points-of-view without passing judgment for or against any particular groups. . . . a valuable contribution to both sociological theory and Mormon/Illinois history." - Communal Societies

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