Subject Area: Genocide Studies

Genocide and Covert Operations in Africa 1993-1999
 Madsen, Wayne
1999 0-7734-8002-1 544 pages
This book is the first published in the United States that provides an in-depth examination of the covert intrigue that transpired in Africa during the 1990s. the events that occurred in the Great Lakes region are presented in the context of how outside players – notably the United States and France – used their considerable military and intelligence to tip the balance of economic power in Africa. The result was a loss of influence for France and ad dramatic gain for the United States., America's gaining of influence was not without tremendous price. The book describes the Rwandan genocide of 1994 and suggest that the United States was not merely an innocent bystander to the events that led to the most systematic mass killing of humans since world War II. The book also introduces the world of international mining and the dubious nature of the network of investors and agents of influence that support the mining industry. The unlikely confluence of African, American, Southeast Asian and even Arkansas politics had tremendous consequences for many disparate players, including the Clinton administration, the Habyarimana regime in Rwanda Marshal Mobutu of Zaire, and the peoples of Sierra Leone, Congo, and Angola. This is the first major work focusing on US covert military operations in Africa, exposing the covert war and corporate interests that have benefited from the US intervention in both the diamond and killing fields of Africa.

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Genocide From Antiquity to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century: History and Comparative Analysis
 Grenke, Arthur
2011 0-7734-3922-6 432 pages
This is a historical analysis of the dynamics and factors that have led to genocide, from ancient times to the beginning of the 20th century.

“In essence, my study, with its emphasis on the individual case, seeks to give insight into changing dynamics leading to genocide from ancient times to the present. … , my study analy[z]es the different genocides with a view of isolating the dynamics historians see as contributing to the different mass destructions. This allows me to draw a much closer connection between the historical case and the theoretical analysis.” -- Introduction

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Indian Massacres in the United States (Two Volume Set)
 Chavers, Dean
2021 1-4955-0858-7 900 pages
Dr. Dean Chavers collects and compiles a definitive description and recollection of massacres upon the Native peoples of North America.

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Inquiries Into Values. The Inaugural Session of the International Society for Value Inquiry
 Lee, Sander H.
1992 0-88946-338-7 776 pages
Fifty-five essays by eminent contemporary philosophers on such topics as "The Devaluation of Value," "The Rationality of Pleasure-Seeking Animals," "Goethe's Moral Thinking," "The Second Death of Jean-Paul Sartre," "The Significance of Human Life after Auschwitz," and "What Can You Do with Art?" Complete with an appendix giving the history of the American Society for Value Inquiry and two additional appendices.

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