Genocide From Antiquity to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century: History and Comparative Analysis

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This is a historical analysis of the dynamics and factors that have led to genocide, from ancient times to the beginning of the 20th century.

“In essence, my study, with its emphasis on the individual case, seeks to give insight into changing dynamics leading to genocide from ancient times to the present. … , my study analy[z]es the different genocides with a view of isolating the dynamics historians see as contributing to the different mass destructions. This allows me to draw a much closer connection between the historical case and the theoretical analysis.” -- Introduction


“Sweeping, ambitious and interdisciplinary in approach, [this book], present a concise examination of the social behaviors involved in genocidal cases throughout history. – Prof. Eric J, Schmaltz Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Table of Contents



Part I

Dynamics Contributing to Genocide in the Ancient World and their lingering influence in Later Times

Establishing the Holy Land and the Destruction of the Idolaters

Mass Destruction and Genocide among Ancient People with Many Deities

Mass Destruction and Genocide among the Greeks and Romans

Mass Destruction, Genocide and the Establishment of the Mongol Empire

Shaka and the Establishment of the Zulu Kingdom

Dynamics that Contributed to Mass Destruction in Imperial China: a Survey

Part II

Divinely Inspired Faith, Mass Destruction, and Genocide: Introduction

Mass Destruction, Genocide, and Islam: Introduction

Jihad and the Expansion of Islam: An Overview

The Jihad in the Conquest of People of the Bookand their Integration into Muslim Society

The Jihad and the Conquest of India

Jihad and the Mass Destruction of the Assyrian and Armenian Christians

The Endeavour to Eradicate Christianity in Japan

From Persuasion to Disseminating and Maintaining Christianity through the Sword: A Brief Overview

The Albigensian Crusade and the Destruction of the Cathars

The Witch - Hunts in Europe

Mass Destruction and the European Christian Encounter with People they saw as Beings Close to the Animal Kingdom: Introduction

Conquest, Enslavement and Destruction in Spanish America

The African Slave Trade and Mass Destruction

The Enslavement of Africans in the Belgian Congo

Mass Destruction, Genocide, and Cleansing the Indian from his Land in North America

Destruction of Aborigines in Tasmania, Australia

Crushing the Herero of German South-West Africa(Namibia)

Mass Destruction and the Relationship Between Christian Europeans and People Seen to be Close to the Animal Kingdom – Summary

Appendix A: Toward a Definition of Genocide

Appendix B: Motives/Kiernan



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